About us

Ray Mayne Hose and Fittings Ltd is a privately owned irrigation company based in Ashburton, Mid Canterbury.  The company was formed in 1991 and currently employs 30 staff.  We specialise in irrigation design, installation, manufacture and importing of irrigation equipment.

Ray Mayne Hose and Fittings Ltd is the New Zealand importer of Reinke Irrigation Equipment from Nebraska, USA.  We import Snap-tite Irrigation products from the USA and Europe.

As we work through our design processes, we encourage our clients to consider the benefits of application density thus conserving water and soil structure.  This happens with the use of low pressure, high performance sprinklers and sprinkler pattern integrity.  Providing the largest area of instant coverage possible minimizes the impact on the soil’s surface and crop.  The larger the area of soil surface that water is applied to at any given instant of the sprinkler’s operation means a lower impact on the soil structure.  This preserves the soil’s ability to absorb water.

Producing a sprinkler pattern that maintains its integrity in windy conditions, and minimizes wind drift and evapotranspiration, is also required for peak performance.  The Reinke sprinkler package produces a relatively uniform sized droplet that is adequate in size to resist wind distortion.  Wind drift and evapotranspiration from small droplets lower irrigation efficiency, and waste water and energy.  The best droplet size is the largest possible that does not have an adverse effect on soil and crops.

A lower application density leads to healthy soils with a good soil structure, capable of maximum soil infiltration and a possible early season start, typically at germination stage.  The soil structure is preserved with minimal water build up and good root aeration is achieved because of the gentle application.

Uncontrolled pressure fluctuations in irrigation systems cause flow deviations and over watering.  Common causes of pressure variation include elevation changes, changes in the system demands, and water supply.  Over watering increases application density and can result in soil compaction, sealing and runoff.  Pressure regulators can help prevent these fluctuations and help maintain overall efficiency on an irrigation system.

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