Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators



Pressure regulators are also useful for reducing higher pressures near the pivot point where the sprinkler nozzles are the smallest, thus minimizing plugging, wind drift and evaporation. They are required for use with many of the sprinkler options that have been engineered for operating pressures within a specific range, for optimum water application, extended life of the product and ultimately increased yield.

Pressure regulators eliminate the pressure variation at the sprinkler nozzle caused by:

  • Variations in available water supply
  • Elevation changes within the field
  • Fluctuations in demand such as end guns and swing arm corners


Senninger pressure regulators maintain a constant pre-set outlet pressure that can be matched to the applicator design, regardless of variations in inlet pressure. This helps maintain sprinkler pattern integrity and performance.

Pressure Regulator Low Flow (PRL)

The PRL is ideal for installations requiring lower flows of 0.5 to 8.0 gpm (114 to 1817 L/hr). Suggested use in solid-set, drip, other low-volume irrigation systems, as well as center pivot and mechanical-move irrigation systems.


The Senninger® PSR™2 is designed to handle flows from 0.5 to 15 gpm (114 to 3407 L/hr). Its patented design makes it ideal for use with surface water.


The PMR-MF (Pressure-Master Regulator Medium-Flow) is ideal for installations requiring mid-range flows of 2 to 20 gpm (454 to 4542 L/hr), including solid-set, drip and other low-volume irrigation systems.

Filter Regulator

The Filter Regulator combines filtration and pressure regulation into one device for installation convenience.

Pressure Regulator Ultra (PRU)

The PRU  was designed to handle higher flows of 20 to 100 gpm (4543 – 22713 L/hr). Its 2-inch inlet and outlet size make it an ideal option for accurate zone and individual sprinkler pressure control. Its compact size fits in a valve box.

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