Sprinkler options



Reinke has always offered only the best sprinkler products to provide a multitude of
droplet sizes and pattern widths using advanced rotary, offset axis rotary and fixed
spray sprinkler technologies best suited for the specific crop or application. Whether
you use our 30”, 40” or 57” outlet spacing, we have a product available that’s capable
of generating the desired application rate. By utilizing a variety of plates, operating
pressures, mounting heights and sprinkler spacing, we can custom design a sprinkler
package to fit virtually every field.





The LDN has a unique multi-pad system that helps maintain uniform droplet sizes along an entire system. Consistent droplet size maintains pattern integrity, even in the windy conditions, and helps prevent evaporation.

The LDN is available with a variety of pads and add-ons that let you to customize droplet size and trajectory to best suit your installation, soil, and crop needs. The LDN’ multi-pad technology lets you add single, double or triple pads to the sprinkler.



The Xi-Wob offers a gentle, more uniform delivery and an even droplet size. Consistently sized droplets help maintain a sprinkler’s pattern integrity in wind conditions and are more resistant to evaporation. The Xi-Wob’s droplet size can be tailored to the needs of the soil through the selection of proper deflectors and operating pressures.



The Senninger i-Wob is the most imitated sprinkler in the industry, which means others know the proven value of Wobbler® technology. It provides the most uniform water application ever tested. The combination of a rotating grooved deflector with wobbling action delivers a consistent droplet size over a large area of coverage at low pressure.

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