Ray Mayne Hose and Fittings are the exclusive importer and distributor of Idrofoglia Irrigation Systems in the South Island.

Idrofoglia Irrigation Systems includes the production of irrigation machines and motor pumps for agriculture. The range of irrigation machines denominated “Turbocar” is divided into three series: a fixed one called “Jolly”, a Turntable and a Hydraulic one. The wide range of Turbocar is completed with an incorporated motor pump version. The variety of motor pumps series includes: roofless motor pumps, turbopumps with roof and net-guard protection, Silent, Full-silent and Lux versions. 
Motor Pump units are produced with a variety of engines, pumps and with a wide range of tanks.


In the agricultural machinery sector, Turbocar is absolutely the one that has achieved an incomparable technical development, as shown by the increasing satisfaction of those who use it. Environment preservation, practical use, minor starting investment, almost inexistent maintenance costs are the Turbocar strong points that enable it to be a unique and exclusive machine.

Standard Equipment:

  • High-efficiency partial flow turbine drive directly coupled to the gearbox (minimum pressure losses)
  • Single and 4-speed gearboxes with oil lubrication
  • Hot galvanised steel lower frame, upper frame, pipework with double water inlet and components
  • High resistant medium density PE hose with constant thickness
  • High pressure shut-off
  • Full hydraulic turntable stabiliser legs and jack
Idrofoglia Turbocar Smart

Turbocar Smart

Turbocar Active

Turbocar Executive

Turbocar Extreme

Turbocar Combo

Turbocar Jolly

Turbo Pumps

Idrofoglia is a worldwide leader company in the project and manufacturing of motor pumps for agriculture and systems for water movement. They are able to satisfy all needs on the market thanks to a power range from 5 up to 800 kW, a wide pumps selection, best engines brands and a well known production capacity.

Standard Equipment:

  • Low water fault light
  • Efficient pump capacities
  • Diesel engine to suit various loads
  • Self priming pump

Single-cylinder Turbopumps

4-6 cylinders Turbopumps

4-6 cylinders Full Silent

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