Soil Moisture Sensor

Cropx soil moisture sensor


CropX is an innovative Ag Analytics company that is leading farmers and the entire agricultural value-chain around the globe into the era of connected soil, navigating a trillion-dollar global industry to grow more with less using impactful insights from where agriculture really happens– the soil.

CropX provides the world’s first fully DIY farm management platform, offering a scalable, user friendly, cloud based, integrated hardware and software system which includes easy to install sensors with IoT connectivity and a patent-pending unique spiral design for unmatched accuracy that measure soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity (EC) and then send that data to the cloud.

The CropX software integrates additional field data such as location, soil type, topography and crop models with remote sensing data such as precise weather and Satellite imaging.

The data and machine learning based actionable insights can help boost crop yield, save on inputs such as water, fertilizers, energy and labour, as well as the ability to be in compliance with environmental regulation. These insights can be accessed by farmers from any mobile device.

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