Flow meters

Flow meters

Water metering is essential for the irrigation industry. As governments turn increasing attention towards the environment and how to protect valuable natural resources, new legislation targets water consumption in order to secure a reliable supply of water in the future.

For the irrigation industry, keeping a close eye on water consumption is more important than ever. It is necessary for several reasons, such as custody transfer, leakage protection, distribution purposes and much more.

As a dependable partner in the irrigation industry, Siemens has developed a broad range of instrumentation for precise measurements of flow, level, and pressure.

By using Siemens instrumentation solutions, you can easily optimize the daily management of the irrigation cycle or district water supply. Efficient and reliable metering has the potential to provide cost benefits as processes are optimized and water use, and waste are reduced.

Siemens provides totally integrated irrigation and flow management solutions, including flow meter, data logger and telemetry/data management services.

  • ECan Authorised water meter supplier and data service provider.
  • Full support and installation services are offered by Ray Mayne Hose and Fittings Ltd approved Irrigation Service Provider.
  • Siemens have been active in the New Zealand market for over 120 years.
  • 5 years calibration cycle for flow meters.
  • Full in-situ verification of meters without requiring removal from the pipeline.
  • 10-20 year expected life span for the flow meter offering.
  • Full remote diagnostics and maintenance for telemeterable data logger offering

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