Our Team

Each Expert Focuses Exclusively on irrigation design and systems

We have two fully qualified design staff who can design your new irrigation system, with our experienced project manager to sign off any irrigation work and our expert staff to build your irrigation system, our knowledgeable PVC install crew to install all PVC pipe and alkathene pipe systems, experienced pump staff and engineers – you are in the very capable hands of the staff of a company who care about the job that they do  – you can rest assured that you are getting the best job completed at a very reasonable price.

Ray Mayne - Managing Director

Ray Mayne

Managing Director
E: ray@raymayne.co.nz

Bruce Kell

General Manager
E: bruce@raymayne.co.nz

Stephen Lee - Ray Mayne Financial Officer & Quotes

Stephen Lee

CFO/Quotes Manager
E: stephenl@raymayne.co.nz

Richard Green - Ray Mayne Service Manager

Richard Green

Service Manager
E: richard@raymayne.co.nz

John Campbell - Ray Mayne Project Manager

John Campbell

Project Manager
E: john@raymayne.co.nz

Arvin Acidera - Ray Mayne Irrigation Designer

Arvin Acidera

Irrigation Designer
E: arvin@raymayne.co.nz

Karla Brown

Irrigation Designer
E: karla@raymayne.co.nz

Steve McCloy

Irrigation Sales
E: stephen@raymayne.co.nz

Miles Gliddon - Ray Mayne Irrigation Sales

Miles Gliddon

Irrigation Sales
E: miles@raymayne.co.nz

Richard Wilson - Ray Mayne Field Supervisor

Richard Wilson

Reinke Quality Control Supervisor

Michael Saunders - Ray Mayne Inventory Controller

Michael Saunders

Purchasing Manager
E: michael@raymayne.co.nz

Matt Vessey

Spare Parts
E: matt@raymayne.co.nz

Stephan Geipel - Ray Mayne Reinke Parts Specialist

Stephan Geipel

Reinke Spare Parts
E: stephan@raymayne.co.nz

Edik Fonternel

Truck Driver

Allen Shepherd

Workshop Manager
E: office@raymayne.co.nz

Alex Shaw - Ray Mayne Pump Specialist

Alex Shaw

E: alex@raymayne.co.nz

J G Fonternel – engineer

J G Fonternel

E: jg@raymayne.co.nz

Dremayne Teriaki - Ray Mayne Mainline Technician

Dremayne Teriaki

PVC Installation Manager

Max Sinclair

PVC Installer

Cairan Bennett - Ray Mayne Reinke Platinum Plus Certified Technician

Cairan Bennett

Reinke Technician
E: cairan@raymayne.co.nz

Florian Bierhinkel - Ray Mayne Qualified Electrician & Reinke Technician

Florian Bierhinkel

Reinke Technician
E: florian@raymayne.co.nz

Don Mclaren

Reinke Technician
E: don@raymayne.co.nz

Dylan Burbery - Ray Mayne Pivot Technician

Dylan Burbery

Reinke Technician
E: dylan@raymayne.co.nz

Braden Kell - Ray Mayne Reinke Platinum Plus Certified Technician

Braden Kell

Reinke Technician
E: braden@raymayne.co.nz

Jeremy Perriton Reinke Technician

Jeremy Perriton

Reinke Technician
E: jeremy@raymayne.co.nz

Samuel Berleze - Reinke Technician

Samuel Berleze

Reinke Technician
E: samuel@raymayne.co.nz

Bradley Foster - Ray Mayne Spanning Crew Team Leader

Bradley Foster

Reinke Spanning Crew Manager

David Greer - Ray Mayne Spanning Crew Member

David Greer

Reinke Spanning Crew Member

Jonathan Wright - Ray Mayne Spanning Crew Member

Jonathan Wright

Reinke Spanning Crew Member

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