Reinke leader in irrigation technology

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Ray Mayne Hose and Fittings, Ashburton, have been representing the Reinke range of centre pivot and lateral irrigators in New Zealand for more than 20 years.

In that time, the Reinke name has been established in New Zealand and has been regarded as the leader in irrigation technology with GPS guidance for centre pivots and lateral move irrigators, variable rate irrigation (VRI), and many other unique differences between Reinke and other brands.

High tensile galvanised steel is used exclusively by Reinke. High tensile steel is stronger and lighter than “mild” steel – which reduces wheel track issues in paddocks that are being irrigated.

The “hook and receiver” span joint – used exclusively by Reinke, ensures that irrigators can operate on undulating terrain much better than other brands.

The Reinke VRI system is proving to be the most effective form of VRI available. Each sprinkler can operate much more effectively as the individual solenoids, on the sprinklers, can be operated by air, rather than water, which is much simpler rather than relying on water to shut the solenoid valve – especially so, when wastewater – “greenwater” is put through the irrigators.

Ray Mayne Hose and Fittings, have an extensive supply of Reinke stock at their Ashburton facility.

The stock has increased over the last 20-plus years to allow many “new builds” to be built from stock. With the advent of increased costs and the limited availability of shipping containers for international shipping, the availability of these spare parts has resulted in minimal impact on repairs to irrigators that occurred as a result of the recent windstorm damage.

All damaged systems were repaired quickly by the repair teams and Reinke “new builds” were able to carry on – as normal, resulting in minimal disruption to their busy irrigation build schedule.

Ray Mayne Hose and Fittings have all the experienced personnel required to help farmers ensure they have the correct system for their property – the design staff, the “build crew” and technical support team, are all available, and willing to help, to ensure that irrigation systems are ready to go as soon as “decent” spring and summer weather arrives.

Give the friendly team a call on 03 308 6022 to discuss your needs and for a non-obligatory quote, they will be only too happy to help.